REVERE BEACH — Bus 3545 quit his position this week as a BU Shuttle working the Comm. Ave loop. 3545 revealed in an interview with The Bunion that the move came after years of longingly eyeing any and all nearby water sources, wishing he was submerged full time as an artificial coral reef.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love opening up my doors and loading up students like sardines,” said 3545. “I just wish I was full of real sardines, and soaking wet.”

Other buses in the fleet had noticed 3545’s strange habits on the job. Coworker 3547, who works the same shift, recalled 3545 swerving to splash through puddles on every possible occasion to “feel something.”

Driving into the sea with open doors to become a habitat for marine life is a family affair for 3545. A distant cousin MTA 2569 was dropped off the coast of New York a few years back to do just that. 

“This is something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Colorful coral lining my skin like tattoos, fish coming and going through my open doors. I simply can’t wait to start this adventure,” 3545 told The Bunion. 

The only person surprised by the career change is Buzz D’Rivers, 3545’s former driver. “I understand the whole ‘dream chasing’ idea, that’s why I have this job. But I don’t understand when buses became sentient beings?” explained Williams. “Like, I’m hired to drive this thing and then it sets off alone? MY LIFE HAS NO MEANING?”

Bus 3545 was last seen driving at full speed onto the sand at Revere Beach with windows and doors wide open blasting The Little Mermaid soundtrack.

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