BOSTON, MA — Boston University’s Residential Life has announced that dishwashers will be installed into StuVi 1 and 2. Students will be required to pay $6 per wash. Dishwashers will be located in the basement of the building and students will be responsible for any damages to their belongings. 

President Brown announced the new installation in a newsletter to students, stating, “After hearing students’ criticism about their inability to open windows we decided to install dishwashers in the Student Village. Students will have the ability to use the dishwashers at $6 a wash plus an extra $1 if you want to add detergent.” 

Student, Misterio Cleano, (CAS ‘21), stated, “I mean it’s nice and all, but who pays to wash their dishes in the apartment? It’s kind of useless, at least, in my opinion. I’d rather have doorbells.” 

With the installation of dishwashers in StuVi, residents will be permitted to use dishwashers at allocated times during the day. Unfortunately, with an increase in the usage of water, there will be shortages of warm water in the building. The new dishwashers have caused students to not shower anymore. 

Aquafina Calor, (CFA ‘21), stated “I was showering last night and after a minute the hot water turned off. This has happened every night this week. The new dishwashers have taken away the hot water.” 

The new StuVi dishwashers only accept $1 coins, which students can get from the Warren Towers City Co. 

The new dishwashers have caused leakages in the building. It is reported that one room became filled with bubbles during one cleaning cycle. Additionally, the new dishwashers have caused students to not shower anymore. 

At press time, President Brown announced that StuVi will now have a coat check which charges $15 per jacket.


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