WEST CAMPUS – Students still on campus woke up this morning to see the sun was still in the sky.

The sun has been in the sky for at least a week now, setting only at sunset, at which point it is night because the sun has set. 

The sun usually returns later in about 12 hours in what is known as a sunrise, because the sun rises. At which point, the day begins. 

Factually, the sun is still in the sky. That’s a fact. I learned about it during AS100. The sun is in the sky and it remains there despite people on campus not seeing it at night. 

At press time, the sun is still in the sky. I checked and everything, it’s still up there. Except every once in a while, when I have to blink. Then the sun disappears along with everything around me, and reappears only moments after when I open my eyes. But as touched before, the sun is still up in the sky. It never left.

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