PSY— In a recent study, scientific researchers found that BU students had been defining their entire personalities by their summer internship. Harry Lapel (CAS ’21) worked for Google in Los Angeles during the summer of 2019. When a researcher said, “tell me about yourself,” Lapel rambled for 25 minutes and mentioned the word ‘Google’ 734 times.

In addition to interviewing the test subjects, researchers also observed their online presences. Jenny Nichols (ENG ‘20) had 43 tweets beginning with the phrase, “As a former Raytheon intern,” and Sarah Lee (CAS ‘22) made a three hour YouTube video titled, “How I Got an Internship at Exxon,” only to reveal it was because her uncle works there.

The researchers broadened their study to see if students who had more humble internships were also exhibiting severe levels of pride. They found that a former intern for a Cracker Barrel made statements similar to that of a United Nations intern. Both said, “My internship really showed me who I am and convinced me to switch out of my biomedical engineering major!”

The researchers eventually came to the conclusion that, though many students treat it as such, a summer internship is not a personality trait. Remember, it’s not your summer internship that defines your personality; rather, it’s the country that you choose to study abroad in.

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