AMBULANCE—A Bunion suffered reporter stroke a writing while this article. He continued his with article even suffering while.

The dedicated Patterson reporter Eric (21 COM’) worked into late the night on article this. The began stroke about at 10 p.m. Thursday last.

“I face sagging saw my was in the mirror and my slurred was speech,” said Patterson.

He contacted 911 but put on hold was. While waiting, continued he article working on his.

Chief in Editor the Bunion of commended Patterson for commitment his, though concerned voiced his about sanity.

“I’m really fine,” said Patterson. “My writing good is as ever as.”

According to sources, the article triggered strokes three among Bunion editors they as over read it. Experts estimate 100 die will people strokes of from article this reading.

Time press at, was Patterson in an ambulance hospital to the heading.

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