1 SILBER WAY—For some, weather is a huge factor when deciding where they want to spend 4 whole years living and learning inside temperature-controlled buildings. The true heroes among us, however, are willing to look beyond climate. Incoming freshman Kayla Burns (CAS ‘22) of New Jersey is one such hero.

“Whenever I tell my relatives I’m going to BU, they raise their eyebrows and say, ‘Boston! You know it gets cold up there!’ That was definitely new information for me each time I heard it, but I decided to go anyway,” Kayla humbly told a reporter from The Bunion.

Her parents were very proud of their daughter, who was an honor roll student, class president, and valedictorian. However, they admitted that nothing made them prouder than when Kayla decided to move 4.5 hours north and brave that frozen tundra.

“Of course, we warned her when she was applying—‘Kayla, you know it snows a lot up there and it’s windy’—but she just wouldn’t listen!” said Kayla’s mother. “That’s my girl! Papa didn’t raise no grizzly bear,” added Kayla’s father, referring to the warm-blooded mammal that hides from the cold all winter and sleeps, like a coward.

Kayla’s grandmother has knit her 12 scarves so far, which is the only way she feels comfortable with Kayla moving to such a harsh environment. “Last winter, New Jersey reached a low of 12 degrees Fahrenheit, so I have to admit I was scared when I heard Boston reached a low of 10,” she told reporters. “How can these so-called scientists say there’s ‘global warming’ when it’s so freezing up there?”

When asked what they like about Boston, Kayla’s relatives admitted to knowing little about the city besides its climate, but they wish Kayla luck on her journey to keeping warm for 4 years. She’s gonna need it!

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