CENTRAL CAMPUS—Boston University is in a period of development, growth, and change. Some of this change is more visible than others.

On Thursday morning, a generous donation from Trustee Rajen Kilachand (GSM’74) has resulted in a name-change for the university, now to be called Kilachand University.

Kilachand is no stranger to philanthropy towards his alma mater: the Kilachand Honors College was recently named in his honor to recognize his generosity, as well as the newly planned Kilachand Hall, the new name for a soon-to-be-renovated Shelton Hall in East Campus. “The Honors College was named after my parents, and the dormitory is named after me.” said Kilachand in an interview on Wednesday. “But I want the University’s new name to represent the memory of my brother, whom I miss dearly.”

Kilachand University, or “Kil U” as students are already beginning to call it, will be a prestigious, nationally-ranked institution not unlike Boston University. Students will have many opportunities and facilities available to them at Kil U, such as the Kilachand Dining Hall, the Kilachand Memorial Library, or the Kilachand Fitness and Recreation Center. The University’s althetics programs will not fall by the wayside, either, representatives said on Wednesday. “We really think The Kilachands might take the championship next year.” said Men’s Hockey Coach Jack Parker (SMG’68, Hon.’97). “It’s a great time to be here at Kilachand University.”

President Brown concluded his official announcement of this name change by inviting other wealthy alumni to a “king of the hill” style “Donation-Off” to see who can keep things at the University named after them the longest.

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