BOSTON UNIVERSITY—To ease some of the confusion regarding the differentiation between Dining Points and Convenience Points, Boston University plans to introduce “Inconvenience Points” beginning next semester.

While Dining Points are intended for use in purchasing food items and Convenience Points are intended for use in purchasing food items, Inconvenience Points will differ in that they are intended for use in purchasing food items.

The number of locations that accept these points are currently limited, though this is attributed to the new system being in its early stages.

“We have exciting plans for these Inconvenience Points,” explained BU Housing director Mark Wallace. “There’s a vending machine on the 6th floor of the School of Theology that usually gets your item of choice stuck on the ring instead of serving it to you. It is currently the only vending machine that supports Inconvenience Points.”

There are other unique features planned for the new point system, including a random missing digit when checking your Inconvenience Points balance. The points will also be usable for other services such as laundry, which currently has over 1 location in use.

“Yep there’s that old dryer that’s on the fritz in the basement of 7 Buswell Street,” said Wallace. “You can use them there. I think there’s also a washing machine or something up on the 6th floor of the School of Theology. You can probably use them there too.”

Other organizations within the University are also openly supporting the new point system.

“Oh yes, Inconvenience Points are always welcome here at SAO,” said SAO director Simon Phillips. “Any and all of our services can be paid for using them.”

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