WARREN—Sources confirmed that rebel-without-a-cause college student Atticus Getz (COM ‘17), a natural rabble-rouser who plays by his own rules, has a poster of John Lennon of the wall of his bedroom.

Getz, who isn’t constrained by societal norms and marches to his own beat and no one else’s, purchased the poster featuring an apathetic John Lennon folding his arms across a sleeveless t-shirt that reads “New York City”, for $10.00 at a Boston University Poster fair.

“All those corporate slaves going about their lives. Sheep in the herd man, sheep in the herd. Headed for the slaughter,” Said Getz as he smoked a joint of marijuana on his bed beneath the poster which reflects his non-traditional, non-conformist life style. “Fuckers wanna tell me how to live my life? Screw them.”

“This guy knew what was up.” Added Getz, pointing at Lennon.

Getz has garnered a reputation as a true eccentric who leads a drastically bohemian lifestyle not only through his choice of posters hung with $7 putty from Barnes and Noble, but also through his non-prescription glasses, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, and flannel shirts.

At press time, the rebellious radical was turning heads by claiming his favorite Lennon “jam” was “Imagine”.

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