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Alex is a graduate student from West Virginia studying in the MS Television program. The first concert she attended was Bruce Springsteen when she was 8, so she has a really strong fist pump.

Nothing says “I peaked in college” like making your alma mater your wedding destination. While BU has plenty of what some may call “scenic locations,” there are actually some hidden gems that can serve as the prime spot where you say, “I do.” Here are BU’s underground wedding destinations perfect for your dream day.

Taco Bell Cantina

It has everything you need: food, alcohol and plenty of room to dance! Yeah, you may be running to the bathroom every five minutes, but you have to admit, beefy five layer burritos are extremely romantic.

Kenmore Station

Sitting on the very edge of campus, Kenmore provides a lot of flair to any wedding. With the constant trains coming through, there will never be a dull moment! Occasionally, there are rats that run across your foot which would give you the Cinderella aesthetic you’re looking for. Warning: birds don’t show up and help you get ready, there are only pigeons that fly around and shit on your head.

That one bathroom in the law building

Entertain your guests at the nicest bathroom known to man. No one will even realize it’s a bathroom because of its luxurious design and high-end feel. This location isn’t just reserved for law students, anyone can have their wedding here if they know how to sneak in.

The Center for Computing & Data Sciences construction site

In a city like Boston, it can be difficult to find large outdoor spaces for events. This construction site offers couples vast amounts of space and machinery your drunk guests can play on! For added excitement, it sometimes floods! A lazy river from the construction site onto Comm Ave. is the perfect addition to any wedding.

In the Charles River

Sure, the BU Beach is pretty but have you ever jumped in the Charles River? Storrow Drive just gets in the way, you should just go all in. This is also an easy way to weed out your guest list. If they can’t swim, they can’t come!

Whether you’re planning a real wedding or fantasizing about the day someone will actually be interested in you, it’s never too early to scope out possible destinations. Plus, with these locations, you don’t need to put down a deposit! Four years of tuition increases should cover it.

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