TD GARDEN—Anticipation is running high for the Beanpot hockey tournament championship match, in which the Boston University Terriers will face off against the Northeastern University Huskies to decide which Boston-area university has the best shade of red once and for all.

Students from all four Beanpot schools have been eagerly anticipating which color will come out on top – Terrier scarlet, Husky red, Harvard crimson, or Boston College maroon – and will have an answer on Monday night.

“The whole city is so amped,” said Jennifer Washburn (COM ‘17). “Finally, we’ll be able to see which school’s exact classification of their primary color deserves eternal glory.”

“Let’s go Terriers! #FF1A00 for life!” Washburn continued.

Tensions boiled over during BU’s double-overtime win against Harvard after Terrier right wing Danny O’Regan (CAS ’16) was seen mockingly eating a “Crimson” Crayola crayon on the bench.

“You can’t stop the scarlet, man,” O’Regan (CAS ’16) said after he scored the winning goal. “Rivers run scarlet with blood, know what I’m saying?”

Huskies team members held practice today wearing “Maroon’d Offshore, BC?” and “Red Till You’re Dead” t-shirts after their victory against the Boston College Eagles.

“Are we confident? I’d say we are,” said Northeastern goalie Clay Witt. “We’re the OG’s. Red ‘Till You’re Dead. Blood-red. Red-eyed. That’s us. We got this.”

At press time, officials from MIT were unsuccessfully petitioning for their cardinal color to be included in the TD Garden’s JumboTron montage.

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