I was in the bathroom washing off my pore clarifying face mask, which merely dripped product into my eyes and clogged my pores up even more, when I glanced up at the mirror. She was a beauty, with missing chunks and a thick layer of dust, but the most captivating sight of all was the baddie staring back at me. 

Overcome with confidence for the first time in my life due to my useless face mask, I coyly prompted, “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” I prepared myself to giggle and modestly respond, “Oh! You’re too kind, thank you! But I was greeted with a silence louder than when I asked the Starbucks barista for a straw.

Slightly miffed, I decided Miss Mirror was probably just starstruck. So, I asked a simpler question, sure that she would have an easier time responding to a black and white question. “Do I have friends?” Oddly enough, she was still unnecessarily quiet. She probably was busy counting every single person I’d ever spoken to!

Clearly, this mirror was a little slow to catch on to the game! So I asked, “Are you even real or am I just talking to myself?” Of course she didn’t respond to that one, why would she expose herself!

She can pretend all she wants, but either my eye randomly twitched due to the product from the face mask or my reflection definitely winked at me as I left the bathroom. I knew I wasn’t crazy!

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