BOSTON—In an attempt to gain new readership, Boston University’s newest newspaper, The Bunion, has decided to begin increasing their online presence. Kate Middleton topless pics!

With an eye-catching layout and contributions from new writers, the staff of The Bunion hope to reach a wider audience within BU from this point onward.

Kristen Stewart did WHAT?!

“We are working hard every day to improve our paper and to put out something we are proud of,” one writer commented on Tuesday.

“I want more people to read us because our content is impressive, not because we’re pleasing the masses. Also, OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE!”

By placing an emphasis on public interest stories for the student body, Bunion contributors hope to give voice to common concerns about the university that may often go unsaid, as well as to offer a unique perspective on current events across campus. Dean Elmore crazy dancing vid with Honey Boo Boo!

At press time, people are still a bunch of sheep.

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