WEST CAMPUS—Ugh, BU is at it again. After weeks of hype and promotion, it turns out the 802.1 Spring concert is just going to be some CFA kids performing classical music.

As if SAO wasn’t lame enough already, first year acting students will also play a part in the concert, reciting monologues about wifi as an opening act.

My, who?” answered 100 BU students when asked their opinions on the musical act.

I don’t get it. Why?” asked God, when he heard the news.

Never been to a concert before, actually” said Jon Lamo, SAO staff member. “I mostly just eat dirt and kick rocks around”.

Eerily, upon further inquiry, Jon was revealed to be head of all talent acquisition for the special event.

The concert will be held in the Warren Towers lobby area, and turnout is expected to be low.

“Look, we don’t expect a lot of ticket-holding students to show up, but we figure the foot traffic will be good enough to get us a decent crowd” says Janine Goodall, a pianist and Junior in CFA.

At press time, the Student Activities Organization admitted the concert is “just some students busking.”

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