FACEBOOK—Last Thursday, students were shocked to find that sophomore Bill Ding (COM ‘21) had tagged his friend Stew Pid (CAS ‘21) in a meme that Ding had in fact posted in the BU Memes group earlier that day.

“I just knew Pid would think it was hilarious so I had to tag him,” Ding said. “I didn’t even think about who had posted it, my bro just had to see it.”

“This fat fuck should know just by reading it that the meme was mine,” Pid retorted. “It had my artistic voice.”

“Yo what the fuck is with these students in the class of 2021 and their weird names?” said John Smith (CAS ‘19), unprompted. “Back in Utah, no one has names like this.”

Oh shit, this article is about memes and stuff. Ok, I promise I won’t get distracted again.

So, like, this student Ding, wait damn, that name is really fucking weird. I think John Smith has a point.

Wait, John Smith? What a basic-ass name. How is he going to judge someone with weird names? We challenge John Smith to a fight.

Turns out John Smith is a COWARD. But Jane Smith came forward to defend the honor of all those whose parents didn’t love them enough to think of anything creative.

Oh fuck, Stew Pid is still here. FUCK okay wait he’s just on his phone. Oh my god he’s posting a meme about me in the BU meme page.

Wait I kinda like attention and his meme that started this all was actually funny. I wanna see what he says about me.

Comedy is dead.

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