By Rod Butcher

Hey you got me! I’m a slacker. What can I say, being in college really brings out the party in me. Late nights, talking to professors, reviewing notes and don’t even get me started about the school part. I’m expected to read what? No thank you. I’d much prefer to make real human connections over pizza, drugs, and hard liquor alcohol. That’s the life.

But should it be the life for school administrators? I’m not the sharpest knife in the set. In fact, I’m often the highest float in the Macy’s float day parade. But even so, I can’t help but think to myself, astronomy is on the fifth floor of CAS; is there no way we couldn’t have gone any higher than that? Shouldn’t someone on the board have caught that by now?

It’s not like classrooms can’t change, they do all the time. There’s also plenty of places on campus that are higher than the fifth floor of CAS so I decided to make my top picks for a new location.

The top floor of photonics

Photonics is a tall building and I’m still not entirely sure of what is on the top floor. Whatever it is, it can’t be much more important than the study of celestial bodies. Photonics is much better than the fifth floor of CAS.

The 9th Floor of Warren C Tower

Class from home? Talk about an easy commute! There may be a roof in the way of the sky, but very easy to get around with a strong mix of windows and creativity. And, on top of all that, closer to the stars than the entire CAS building. Wow!

My Friend Andrew’s Place

This option may not be higher than the fifth floor of CAS, but it sure is a lot more fun. Not only does Andrew have a Wii, he also has a smile that will brighten anyone’s day and, perhaps, the sky?

These three places are only three and I thought of all of them. If you think of more, I implore you to send them to a university administrator and spread the hashtag #TheStarsDeserveBetter followed by the hashtag #TheOnesInTheSkyNotTheMovies on Facebook.

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