CAS — Astronomy Department Chair Yuri Anis and has reported an unprecedented spike in registration this Spring.

“We are stunned by the amount of interest we have received. We still have students emailing us if any spaces have opened up,” said Professor Anis.

This was breaking news for The Bunion too, since we did not know BU had an Astronomy Department.

Sophomore Gemma Nye (CAS ‘23) stated, “Honestly, I needed to declare my major soon. I figured that astronomy could be my thing, since I’m like really good at getting people’s vibe.”

“I was nervous at first, because I was wondering how we were going to learn to shuffle Tarot cards over zoom,” said Capri Koern (CAS ‘22). She continued, “But, we’re lucky that Professor Anis is SUCH a Gemini. He makes the class super interactive.”

However, as the semester has progressed, students still have not realized that astronomy and astrology are different things. Even the calculus prerequisite did not seem to tip them off.

“We’re learning about Cam Newton’s laws of physics,” said Koern, “It’s almost half-way through the semester and not a single zodiac sign has been mentioned. I am worried we are not going to get to it.”

“I am looking forward to Chapter 21 because I flipped through the textbook and saw something about the moon. My moon is in Cancer and Professor Anis’s definitely gives me Aquarius moon vibes. But what do I know, I guess I’ll have to wait until Chapter 21 to see if I was right.” said Nye.

The Bunion reached out to Professor Anis, a Gemini, to share his birth chart with us. He has declined to comment.

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