Staff Writers at The Bunion have the opportunity to regularly contribute and publish content, engage with editors and other writers, explore a wide variety of possible interests (see below), and become a contender for future editor positions. The Bunion is currently accepting Staff Writers for the Spring 2019 semester. To apply to become a Staff Writer at The Bunion, please complete the form below:

Photo Staff at The Bunion have the opportunity to get involved with any or all aspects of the Photo Department of The Bunion including photography, Photoshopping, creating Instagram graphics, and designing marketing materials. There are also sometimes opportunities to do cinematography for video projects. Dedicated members of the Photo Staff are great contenders for future editor positions relating to photos. The Bunion highly encourages members to try out multiple aspects of the publication, so joining the Photo Staff is an amazing opportunity to do that.

Marketing Staff at The Bunion have the opportunity to play a direct role in the growth of The Bunion on campus. Whether you’re interested in social media, in print advertising, in designing or coordinating sales for Bunion merchandise, in walking up to people on the street and yelling at them to join The Bunion, or any other form of marketing that you can imagine, The Bunion is a great place for you to put your skills to work! Since The Bunion is a fast-growing organization with a huge need for better marketing, our Marketing Staff provides a special opportunity for members to build a portfolio or résumé if they desire and take leadership over their marketing ideas. Dedicated members of the Marketing Staff are great contenders for future editor positions relating to media. The Bunion highly encourages members to try out multiple aspects of the publication, so joining the Marketing Staff is an amazing opportunity to do that.

Interested in submitting an article for publication?

The Bunion welcomes all Boston University students to submit content for publication. The Bunion strongly encourages that interested contributors attend a writer meeting or join our Facebook group chat. Collaboration is an essential component of satirical writing, and The Bunion is much more likely to publish contributions where the headline has been approved by the editors before the article is drafted.

To join the Facebook group chat, inquire about upcoming writer meetings, propose a headline, or submit an article, please email managing@thebunionpaper.com. As explained in the Standards of Publication, The Bunion reserves the right to edit, revise, and publish or not publish any article contributions and The Bunion owns all published content, including submitted articles. The Bunion does not accept previously published articles.

Interested in joining the Editorial Staff?

Each semester, The Bunion releases applications for dedicated members to join the Editorial Staff. The Bunion offers opportunities for BU students interested in many areas including but not limited to writing, editing, marketing, computer science, web design, photography, filmmaking, management, and all forms of comedy. Editors at The Bunion must be responsible, accountable, flexible, enthusiastic, strong leaders, and willing to take on a large time commitment (as would be the case at any active publication).

The Bunion is not accepting editor applications at this time. If you are interested in an editor position, we encourage that you apply to be a Staff Writer and/or reach out to current editors and offer to assist them with their work.