Joining The Bunion Staff is an extremely rewarding opportunity to have fun, laugh constantly, improve your writing/photo/marketing skills, learn how to be a part of a driven, fast-growing organization, and build real accolades and skillsets for your résumé. When you join The Bunion, you could found an entirely new section of the publication, design merch that you see around campus every day, or write an article or quiz that goes viral. If you’re a reliable and organized person who also loves to laugh and have fun, The Bunion is the place for you!

“Working for The Bunion isn’t work, it’s just fun with a publication schedule.”

Keep reading to learn more about the positions open and fill out the online application form ! We encourage applicants to apply for multiple positions.

Staff Writer – Articles:

Article writers work on the satirical articles we release. Every writer works on one article on a 3-week rotation. They pitch and workshop their headlines the first week, workshop their articles on the second week, and then prepare their articles for publishing on the third week. On the third week, considered your “off week,” you’ll help contribute to a quiz or special project during the actual writer’s meeting.

Article writers also contribute to rush articles, which cover breaking news. These are workshopped in the chat, and then completed and published as soon as possible.

Staff Writer – Quiz/Special Projects:

Quiz staff works on BuzzFeed style quizzes we release weekly. If you want to get a feel for what this looks like, check out ClickHole. Quiz writers pitch quiz ideas, and work on quizzes during the weekly writer’s meetings.

Special projects is a department that covers a lot of miscellaneous one off projects we like to release as a publication. This department covers anything from videos, fake advertisements, songs, podcasts, and website additions. You can see some examples on our site at thebunionpaper.com under the Multimedia tab.

Photo Staff:

Photo staff work on the thumbnails for all of our articles, as well as designing graphics for posters and advertisements as needed. You will receive assignments and dates from the Photo Editor.

Social Media Staff:

The Social Media Staff oversee the metrics on our various social media pages, as well as helping manage our affiliate social media accounts, such as @turkeyspotting on Instagram and @BuOverheard on Twitter, and brainstorm ways to improve The Bunion’s social media presence. 

Digital Copywriting:

The Digital Copywriting Staff is responsible for publishing all of our articles, quizzes, and special projects on the site and social media pages, as well as captioning them. Digital Copywriting Staff receives their assignments during weekly staff meetings.

*Note, prior experience, while preferred, is not necessary for this position. If you’re interested, we will teach you everything you need to know

None of those look interesting?

Damn, you must be really picky then… but don’t worry! We’ve got something for everyone!

If you are interested in facets of The Bunion for which there are not currently openings, email our Editor-in-Chief, Emma Quarequio, at editor@thebunionpaper.com to find out how you can get involved.