BOYLSTON STREET—Last week, tech giant Apple released their newest gadget, the iPhone 5, and it has a bigger screen or something.

Techies and businessmen alike waited for hours outside of Boylston Street’s Apple Store to buy Apple’s latest product, which probably has, like, better service. Or maybe room for more contacts.

“I think it weighs lighter than the iPhone 4,” said Jill Erickson, holding her twin two-year-old daughters in her arm.

“I think it weighs about the same,” stated professional video gamer Kim Gu.

The groundbreaking phone is capable of using 4G, I guess, and it likely gets 5G if that exists. I’m sure you can check your Facebook on the iPhone 5, or there’s probably at least some sort of GPS-type thing. The device must have a power button, although maybe Apple figured out how to do away with that.

The iPhone 5, unquestionably Apple’s most popular invention to date, cannot make calls or send text messages.

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