Recent low temperatures have caused an even more recent uproar from the ankles of Boston University’s boyish students. Protests around campus have called for an end to a common trend, partially rolled-up pants.

“I’m just so fucking cold all the time,” cries Bobby Trinket’s (CAS ‘17) left ankle. “Heat rises, you know?”

The ankles have been meeting “secretly” in the toasty C-Tower laundry room of Warren Towers, raiding social media platforms with anti-roll sentiments.

One Tweet remarks, “This does NOT make you a hipster!! #StopTheRoll2015.” Other Twitter trends include #WarmUpNotRollUp and #YourSocksAreTotallyNotThickEnough.

“He’s suffocating me with penguin-patterned socks, but he still won’t roll down,” says Grant Frett’s (CFA ’19) right ankle. “This kid doesn’t even have ankle hair. There’s absolutely not insulation!”

At press time, leaked records have shown plans for a sit-in at Urban Outfitters on Nov. 4. However, affected ankles have publicized upcoming pickets at the GSU to fight the pervasive, weather-negligent style.

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