In a new update, Animal Crossing: New Horizons features new aspects like terraforming, and more new villagers that can appear on your island. In addition to new special characters, Nintendo also has a new villager to appeal to its Boston University audience: an Allston Rat. 

This villager, a male Allston Rat named Garbage, is the only rat villager available. His personality type is Lazy. He can often be found wandering around your town gnawing on trash and smoking cigs. Garbage’s available catchphrases are “who do you know here?” and “can I have a hit?” 

An anonymous source from Ninendo revealed that an eagle villager named Big Fat Idiot Loser Stinky Poo was set to appear in the game to appeal to the Boston College audience. 

“Big Fat Idiot Loser Stinky Poo didn’t make it past the initial phase of development because he was too much of a Big Fat Idiot Loser Stinky Poo,” said the source. 

At press time, Garbage was seen getting you warm beer out of a keg and undressing you with his beady little eyes. 

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