ALLSTON— A new off-campus fraternity has emerged at BU, attempting to forge a name for themselves amongst the growing population of Chads and Brads that love to “throw down.”

Rho Alpha Tau, located in the heart of Allston, is Boston University’s first all-rat frat. Though the fraternity just opened, it’s been a plan in the making for years.

“A bunch of us were already living in a house together,” says Fraternity President Brad Cheese (SHA ‘21). “So, we decided why not have some dope parties?!”

RAT is not officially recognized by the International Fraternity Council.

“As of right now, the Rho Alpha Tau remains independent of the IFC,” says IFC President Kyle Goldman-Sachs. “This is because a fraternity composed entirely of rats would only work at schools in Boston and New York.”

However, the fraternity still hopes to build its presence at BU. “Right now, most of us live in Allston or the Mugar Basement, but we really want to expand,” stated Cheese. “Rest assured, you will see us RATs everywhere.”

So far, RAT has definitely made a splash on campus. As of Monday, November 4th the brotherhood has initiated 1,000 pledges, thrown 12 parties, and is scheduled to have a “wild” mixer with BU’s all-cone sorority.

At press time, members of the fraternity were seen purchasing kegs from Boston Liquors, dining on BU’s fine selection of trash foods, and vaping in the library – all while proudly donning their letters. Though the future of RAT and their status at BU remains to be seen, one thing is clear – these rats are all over Allston, and they are ready to party.

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