Story by Maria Mavrogenes

ALLSTON — One night after making dinner, Will Bernard (CAS ‘23) and his roommates heard a squeak. A mouse was loose in their kitchen. Will’s roommates were horrified: one grabbed a knife, one grabbed a fire extinguisher, and the other grabbed a colander instead of a frying pan. However, Will insisted on handling it, taking a more humane approach.

“I pulled out a mason jar to catch him and out of nowhere he just started cooking. He turned on the stove and boom, next thing I knew I was eating French Onion soup.”

Will tried to get his roommates to try the mouse’s gourmet meals, but they refused to go into the kitchen until their landlord put out mouse traps. 

Getting fed up with his roomies, Will gave them a piece of his mind.

“So what if my personal chef, tutor, and best friend is a mouse? They are just jealous they have been replaced. Just let me live my Ratatouille dream in peace.” 

He claimed his bond with the mouse was stronger than Alfredo and Remy’s in the 2007 Disney Pixar film Ratatouille. Eventually, Will started bringing the mouse to class with him.

“Man, you wouldn’t believe how good this mouse can code!”

After midterm season, Will was accused of violating the Academic Code of Conduct by his CS 330 professor (after being tipped off by his roommates). The Committee was unable to take action or penalize Will stating in a report that “The Code does not specifically mention an animal as an irregularity. Mr. Bernard technically did nothing wrong.” 

BU was forced to add a section banning “Ratatouille-ing” in the Academic Code of Conduct. Associate Dean Kenneth Elmore stated in a mass email to students, “All students and animals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent, separately. Consequences will be determined by the Committee on a case by case basis.”

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