KENMORE CLASSROOM BUILDING—Following a string of school cancellations at Boston University caused by some of the nastiest blizzards to hit New England in decades, Sally Weinstein (SHA ‘16) entered classes on Tuesday having lost the basic motor skills associated with taking notes.

“I got to class, took out my notebook and then forgot what to do next,” Weinstein said. “I gazed at my pen quizzically, wondering what its use was, and where it went.”

The lack of a full week of school has had an adverse impact on many students studying habits. Reports have flowed in this week of students bringing sleds into classrooms instead of backpacks, and students trying to read snowballs instead of textbooks.

“I’m so used to playing in the snow and not going to school,” said Ben Wiserman (COM ’17). “I showed up to class today with a ski pole instead of my scientific calculator.”

At press time, more snow was coming Wednesday.

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