ALAN AND SHERRY LEVENTHAL ADMISSIONS CENTER – This Thursday, BU positioned itself at the forefront of technological progress when Admissions announced that high schoolers and their families will be provided with complimentary virtual reality headsets for the duration of the tour.

When visitors leave the Admissions Center to begin their tours, the headsets, which will be forcibly clamped to every visitor’s head, will begin to display the “immersive and authentic BU VR experience,” according to Faith Nuz, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions. “When you’re wearing the headset, the campus is always sunny and the students are well dressed and smiling. Also, they’re very diverse.”

Throughout the tour, the sounds of cars along Storrow Drive and Commonwealth Avenue are replaced by faint, pleasant music and cheerful birdsong through the device’s headphones. Visitors will also perceive the BU Beach as an actual sandy beach, complete with dozens of swimsuit models, and maybe even Martin Luther King Jr. himself playing frisbee.

In front of Marsh Chapel, which resembles a pre-fire Notre Dame through the headset, a 6-foot-7-inch President Brown, shirtless and chiseled, welcomes prospective students to BU. His luscious, flowing mustache waves in the gentle breeze, while the dove statue transforms into actual doves that flutter around Marsh Plaza and rain down informational brochures.

“We’ve decided that the best way to highlight our commitment to the powerful technology of tomorrow and help prospective students see the very best that BU has to offer is to use VR to show them a campus that’s unrecognizable and has literally nothing in common with BU,” said Nuz.

At press time, a prospective student wearing the headset was overheard remarking that the beautiful campus, with its ample green space, reminded her of Boston College.

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