The Bunion is a satire news publication for the Boston University community created by Kevin Flynn on September 6th, 2012. The Bunion is meant for entertainment purposes only. All sources and quotes are fabricated. The use of the names or likenesses of notable Boston University figures or students is entirely fictional and for satirical purposes. Any resemblance to actual events is coincidental.

The Bunion is not officially affiliated with Boston University and makes no claims to the identity of the university or its intellectual property.

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Editorial Staff: Spring 2019

Ethan Brown (COM/CAS ‘21) — Editor-in-Chief (
Maddy Schmidt (COM ’21) — Managing Editor (
Frank Hernandez (COM ’20) — Assignment Editor (
Lauren Kelmar (COM ’21) — Quiz Editor (
Timothy Choi (COM ’22) — Special Projects Editor (
Serra Tekce (SAR ’21) — Media Editor (
Emmie Phillips (COM ’22) — Photo Editor (

Staff Writers
Robert Branning (COM ‘21)
Caitlin Flannery (CAS ‘20)
Kai Hellberg (COM ‘20)
Emily Lyons (COM ’22)
Karen Martinez (COM ‘22)
Michal Shvimer (COM ’21)
Grace Wise (CGS ’19)
CJ Zachara (COM ’21)

Photo Staff
Robert Branning (COM ’21)
Kai Hellberg (COM ’20)
Young Lee (COM ’21)
Karen Martinez (COM ’22)
Maddy Schmidt (COM ’21)
Ahmin Thornhill (COM ’20)

Marketing Staff
Elaina Bernstein (COM ’21)
Timothy Choi (COM ’22)
Lauren Kelmar (COM ’21)
Young Lee (COM ’21)
Emmie Phillips (COM ’22)

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Special Thanks To
Quinn Boyes (COM ‘13)
Martin Nolan (COM ‘13)
Jason Weitzman (COM ‘13)
Kevin Flynn (CAS ‘14)
Ian Blau (COM ‘15)
Jasper Craven (COM ‘15)
Marc Finn (COM ’16)
Grace Condon (COM ’18)
Karli Marulli (COM ’19)

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Ethan Brown (COM/CAS ‘21)

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Kevin Flynn (CAS ‘14)