Everyone knows that they have habits that bother other people. Personally, I can’t relate but I’m very aware of this phenomenon and I have my own take on the matter. So here are five annoying habits that only I can have:

  1. Loud Chewing

I know it’s hard to chew popcorn quietly but people better find a way. I don’t care if they have to blend all their food into a smoothie, but the sound of loud chewing is just straight up nasty. When I chew pretzels it sounds graceful and majestic, but for anyone else, it sounds like a garbage disposal swallowed a bunch of nails.

  1. Taking the last of something

Let me give a hypothetical: I’m at a restaurant with a friend and we order an appetizer to share. Let’s say it’s a bloomin’ onion. There’s one singular onion left and at this point the bloomin’ onion is more like a droopin’ onion. My friend (soon to be enemy) and I lock eyes. I watch as the sadistic monster in front of me shamelessly takes one big bite, devouring the remainder of the once bloomin’ onion. In this scenario the villain is clear. However, if I was the one to take the last onion, well then I obviously have a very good reason. It’s just simple logic.

  1. Bailing on plans last minute

They know who they are. When someone tells me as I’m getting ready for plans that they have to cancel, I may get annoyed because my time is valuable. However, it also isn’t an uncommon occurrence for me to cancel plans. Again, this makes it a very different situation. When I cancel plans, it’s because I am in the middle of a serious binge watch of Gilmore Girls and people should know they really can’t compete with Lorelai.

  1. Being on their phone all the time

It’s the worst when I’m trying to have a conversation with someone and they will not tear their eyes from their phone. I’m also guilty of using my phone excessively, but I have important things to be looking at. Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if I missed a friend’s social media post and couldn’t immediately comment “So cute” or “Hottie.” 

  1. Never admitting they’re wrong

It is the most frustrating thing when I know that I’m right about something but the person you’re arguing with will simply not give up. It’s just that I have more self awareness than other people so I know that I’m right even when people suggest otherwise. This list for example. I know people will say that this list is hypocritical and to them, I say you are wrong and I am right.


  1.  Being Funny

Too often I’ll say a joke a little too quietly and then someone repeats it a little louder and suddenly everyone thinks they’re the next Carol Burnett. Unfortunately not everyone can be the funny friend, so I think it would be better if people left the comedy to the pros (me…only me).

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