PHOTONICS BUILDING—A new Boston University A Capella group has caused anger in the singing community by incorporating inappropriate musical puns into its group name.

The group, called “Pitch, You In Treble!”, has received threats from other A Capella groups on campus that claim that the title is inappropriate and slanderous.

“A Capella is about jamming with friends and bringing music to the masses,” sang Jasmine Saunders (SMG ‘16), President of the “Treblemakers.” “Our name implies that we make both trouble and treble, but it doesn’t accuse someone of being in treble, that’s a serious threat.”

A number of A Capella groups have challenged members of “Pitch, You In Treble!” to an ultimate sing-off, wherein the losing club would be banned from the music community. The judging criteria awards points to whichever group hits the most notes while also doing jazz hands.

“We wanted our group name to be warm and welcoming,” sang Dean Stanton (CAS ’15), President of “Chordially Yours.” “This new group’s name implies that a person is going to be scolded or hurt for making a mistake, which is anti-A Capella.”

John Went (SHA ’17), President of “Pitch, You In Treble!”, sang that the group’s name would not be changed, and that it was much more tame than other proposed names.

“Our initial choice was ‘Fuck Pitches, Get Punny,’” Went sang. “I suppose that name would have caused an even greater uproar.”

At press time, every single A Capella group in Boston was practicing Journey’s famous rock ballad “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

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