Congrats! Midterms are finally over and you’re home for break! It may be strange. You aren’t stressed for the first time in months, the people you’ve been talking to everyday forget to text you back, and you’re surrounded by “family” that “loves you” and “has rules.” If this new environment is jarring, we have some tips for how to combat the Thanksgiving blues. 

1. Keep Up With Your Sleep Schedule

We know this may be difficult, but maintaining a consistent lifestyle will make returning much easier. As long as you are able to get a solid four hours in, we recommend not going to sleep earlier than 2am. If your parents complain about oversleeping, say it’s practice for your 8am. They’ll understand. 

2. Set off the fire alarm

Nothing screams BU dorm like the comforting alarm that always goes off at the most inconvenient time. Just when your family is sitting down for dinner, or an hour before they would actually like to wake up, stick a candle underneath your fire alarm. Ahh, just like Boston!

3. refer to your mom as “at-home OMELETte lady”

While she’s no Warren Omelette Lady, this at-home replacement can still supply her motherly, nurturing vibes while cooking eggs that are almost up to the dining hall standards. Your mom will love this one!

4. complain about all the work you have*

Don’t have any work to complain about? Complain about that! Being unhappy is a vital part of BU’s culture, and falling out of practice could destroy your social life even more than all the homework. 

*Does not apply to non-STEM majors

5. find a roommate

Your room is almost certainly too empty. Your bed is too big, and you consistently have privacy. I promise, other college students home for the holidays are feeling the same soul-crushing loneliness. Plus, having a roommate will really cut down on the rent! If your parents mention that “you don’t pay rent, you live here,” you can always pocket the extra cash.

6. take out a student loan to pay your parents

Hell, why beat around the bush! This is the best way to make home feel like BU.

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