MORSE AUDITORIUM—You didn’t go all semester, but here you are! You’ve impressively remembered where your lecture is and it’s time to hope and pray that your professor covers everything you missed in the entire semester in the span of 50 minutes. But no fear! You’ve brought your handy dandy 40 to class to get you through this trying time. Here are 7 drinking games that will make this final lecture a little more bearable.

1.Take a drink every time your professor says “it’s in the syllabus”

You want a description of this game? It’s in the syllabus.

2. Take a drink for every new student you see in the lecture hall

You’re not alone. 90% of students only go to lecture the first and last week of classes, and that’s a fact.

3. Drink until that student stops flexing on eveything they’ve learned this semester

What are they rambling about? No idea, but that’s probably becuz I’m already shwasted.

4. Drink every time tge professor says somthing you dont undeerstand

Oh no. Its happening. Whats hee even saying? Is that emglish?

5. Drink for evry rigret yu have in this class

I shuldv gone to lekture. I sholdve studyd harder. O my god I’m so fuckd

6. Just stay home and drink yu lazee fuck

Did you really think this lekture would make a diferense? Save yurself the Uber and use that money for more BOOZE! Yull need it

7. Tak ah drankkkk wennn yurrrrr proofessrr…..

I:jm toij dryuink tioy tyupoew agnyihmoore…

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