We all know Seinfeld legend Jason Alexander is a BU alum, but did you know the man behind George Costanza exclusively hit on girls at the GSU? Apparently Alexander was only attracted to a girl when she traversed the lines of Basho and Rhett’s. Bay State? Nope. Warren? Absolutely not.. Buick? Wasn’t even built yet. And here are 6 Seinfeld quotes that prove it.

“Alright, I guess I just have to pick myself up, and throw myself right back down again.”

This was Alexander’s pep talk to himself every time he would walk into the GSU.

“Well, the jerk store called, they’re running out of you.”

A famous quote, but did you know Jason first said these exact words after being dumped in line at Panda Express?

“When you look annoyed all the time, people think that you’re busy.”

This was apparently Jason’s move: to put on an aloof persona in order to entice girls who were huddled in a Back Court booth trying to focus on their actual work. It didn’t work.

“Nobody tells me it’s them, not me. If it’s anybody, it’s me.”

We tracked down every woman Alexander ever hit on at GSU. It was always him.

“I was in the pool.”

Alexander had a severe sweating problem when talking to women. This was his go-to excuse.

“If she can’t find me, she can’t break up with me.”

Alexander’s longest relationship at BU was 2 months, due to his impressive ability to hide behind his backpack in a GSU booth for days at a time.

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