Photoshop by Maddy Schmidt (COM '21)
Maddy Schmidt (COM '21)

Maddy Schmidt is a senior from New Jersey studying Film & TV. She is a Wii bowling prodigy and is blocked on twitter by Drake Bell (Campana).

You just put on a production of “The Vagina Monologues” and dragged your unwilling cis male companion to come see it! The performance was both flawless and important, but will he give you the affirmation you deserve? Probably not! Here are 5 ways to tell that despite his blatant discomfort, he actually did enjoy the show.

He says “it was great” and nothing else.

He’s probably still in awe of the love and support he has just seen women showing each other. He has never seen that before. His vague, monotone compliment may actually mean he’s taking a step back and realizing that sometimes it’s more important to stay silent and listen.

He cringes every time a woman says “vagina.”

If he really didn’t like the show, he’d be cringing the whole entire time, not just whenever a female performer expressed pride in her vagina. In fact, he might not have even been cringing, he probably just forgot his glasses and wanted to get a better view of the outpouring of emotion and liberation happening onstage.

He checks his phone.

To debate whether or not he should tell you how much he loves it in the middle of the performance! Duh.

He claps slowly.

The slow clap is a sign of deep respect and enjoyment. If it doesn’t speed up and stops after two or three claps, that only signifies deeper respect and enjoyment.

He leaves at intermission.

Sometimes VagMo’s positive and empowering messages are too much for a cis man to handle all at once. He probably had to step outside, get some air, and reflect on his role in the patriarchy in order to best understand your struggles and needs, so he can work on improving your relationship. Feminism win!

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