“Have you ever seen American Psycho? The greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time?” said Satchel Smith (COM ‘23). We have all dealt with men like this in our film classes at our respective places of higher education. Here are five things that you can say in order to finally get film bros to leave you alone in your FTV classes. 

  1. “Quentin Tarantino is an overrated director.”

Whether you believe this sentiment or not, this will incite a reaction from film bros. Bonus points if they end up leaving the classroom crying out of anguish from you uttering those words. 

  1. “The MCU is a cinematic masterpiece.” 

The sheer mention of talking about how great Marvel movies are will make film bros combust in their seats.

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel was directed by Martin Scorcese.”

This will totally get film bros to go insane. They will immediately correct you and then chastise you about your lack of understanding that is detrimental to your future career.  

  1. “The Star Wars prequels are the best trilogy.” 

If you want to just completely cut off all contact with film bros, this is one of the best ways to do it. Simple, but effective.

  1. “What is Pulp Fiction?”

They will definitely hate you when you utter these unfathomable words. You can tell them “I don’t even like pulp in my orange juice.” Be prepared to fight a film bro the day you say this. 

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