By: Max Pociask

It’s finally warming up in Boston. The trees are blossoming, students are back on the BU Beach, and the rats of Allston are donating their winter clothes to Goodwill. Here’s how you can keep up with spring streetwear trends while sticking to your February roots.

  1. The Groutfit
    1. You know this classic. Gray sweatpants, gray sweatshirt, slightly darker gray stains on the sweatpants and sweatshirt. It’s a staple, and really sends the message that the sun doesn’t mean shit for your fashion color palette.
  2. The Loose Laptop
    1. Street fashion icons love flexing their designer bags. I know we’re supposed to keep our laptops safe in a Chanel or Hermes bag, but sometimes it’s a statement to carry that slab of metal around like a loose piece of paper. Also, the depression pile in my room is up to my knees and it’s not worth the effort to even look for a bag at this point.
  3. The Skunk
    1. This is called the skunk because it’s all neutral colors, and also because the smell that my body has created is strong enough to separate oak milk from espresso. I didn’t need to shower when it was cold outside, but now that it’s above 60 degrees and I’m sweating, my continued lack of personal hygiene will be much more apparent.
  4. The Frankenstein.
    1. Look. Not everything needs to be “high fashion” or use “color theory” or technically “be clothes.” We call this the Frankenstein because none of the pieces match, but you’re still a loveable monster on the inside. Sometimes all you gotta do to make a statement is use the few remaining clean items you’ve got left in your room and use them to cover your body. As long as that statement is “please for the love of god don’t look at me.”
  5. The “Oh, Wait, you actually look okay today! Good For You!”
    1. Wow. Look at you go. A T shirt with a layer over it! You’ve done the bare minimum, but those around you will be impressed. After 6 months of setting the bar in the sewers, this ‘normcore’ outfit might as well get you into the Met gala.

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