Got a recent ex? Want to make yourself alternately euphoric and miserable? Then you should stalk his Spotify to see what he’s listening to, because it’s a little known fact that each song he plays at any given moment contains some innermost thought he’s trying to express to you. Here are 5 songs on his playlist and exactly why they mean he wants you back.

1. Yesterday – The Beatles

This is an obvious one. He’s clearly missing you and longing for the way your relationship was. He’s resonating with the line “Why she had to go, I don’t know, she wouldn’t say/ I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday.” He definitely wants you back, even though he was the one who ended it. Next!

2. Cheers Theme Song

He’s got it bad for you, and you can tell this by the line “where everybody knows your name.” You know his name! So this song is about you.

3. Over U – Jacob Sartorius

See, this song might make it seem like he’s over you. But this is where you need to read between the lines. Even though the chorus is “I’m in a Benz, Benz/ Kissing all of your best friends, friends/ This was never really in the plan, plan/ But now I think I’m finally over you,” he’s not over you, nor is he kissing your friends! Right? No, he’s definitely not. Right? No. Also he drives a Jeep so you can’t take all these lyrics so literally. Don’t overthink this one!!!

4. Bottoms Up – Trey Songz Feat. Nicki Minaj

This one’s a little confusing, but there are definitely still lyrics to overanalyze here. Specifically, there’s the line “Girl, you know I love the way you shake it in them jeans.” He’s a butt guy, and he’s missing your butt. He needs to listen to this upbeat song because he needs to take a break from crying over you. Obviously!

5. Ring Around The Rosie

Ok this one is more confusing, but you can still make this about you. He’s nostalgic for his childhood, he felt like a kid when he was with you, he’s thinking about the kids he wants to have with you and what he’s gonna sing to them! There it is. Also, if you google the lyrics (which you are obviously doing for each song he listens to), the last verse contains the line “The wedding bells are ringing”. So he’s thinking about winning you back and proposing. Ohhh wait shit, I just remembered he works at a daycare. 


Hope this was helpful! Tune in next week for instructions on how to book a therapy appointment.

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