By: Sophia Stio

Believe it or not there was a time when I was not this happy. I used to be in 8th grade. I used to be weird and little. Like any normal person with a therapist, I often reflect on that time in my life. These miniature time travel excursions take the form of long pensive walks with musical accompaniment. They’re sorta like music videos…and by that I mean that they are music videos. Here are the 5 best places for this activity.

1. The Chilling Halls of the Theology Building: This place has lockers, which is weird, but it works. Nothing says 8th grade like brushing up against a locker and blowing a light kiss to your crush in the hall. Better yet, dropping your books and then having your crush pick them up. Also, the religious vibes in the building are enough to take you back to a time before you googled “girl girl kiss.” God, I miss catholic guilt! Can’t rave enough about this special place.

SONG: Love Song by Sara Bareilles

2. BU Beach: Drag your freakin feet on the sidewalk and pretend like you’re in a Young the Giant music video. Walk slow as shit and let yourself be consumed by your insecurities. “Does my hair look bad? Am I walking like a normal person? Am I ugly?” The answer to all of the above is yes, which is why you’re the star of this freakin show. Maybe you’ll get hit by a frisbee so you can play victim! Plus, if you’re a victim then your crush will notice you. Toxic thinking is forward thinking!

SONG: My Body by Young the Giant

3. Astrology Wing Bathroom: Boy, is this place spacious! Perfect if you want to work a dance routine into your music video. I know what you’re thinking: “Have you been dancing in the bathrooms?” I sure have, sometimes when people are around. Love waits for no one, which is why I have been doing a little jig while y’all shit. Is this funny?

SONG: Airplanes by B.o.B.

4. COM Basement: Dark, mysterious, haunting…nuff said! Put on a trench coat and softly pontificate about your lover and all of their qualms. This is a film noir after all! You were so foolish back then. So young. Maybe bring a smoke machine to give the moment some extra umph. Y’know, umph. 

SONG: Take A Bow by Rihanna

5. Abandoned 808 Garage: If you were a little edgy in middle school (watched an older sibling smoke weed once) then this place is for you. Do the rounds, think about the trauma of past middle school dances. Think about how Tommy ignored you in your little Hollister dress and how you didn’t really like Tommy for reasons that are clearer than ever now. Blast Dynamite by Taio Cruz and throw back a Sunny D! Be dumb! Be sad! Make this moment about YOU. 

SONG: Dynamite Taio Cruz

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