Maddy Schmidt (COM '21)

Maddy Schmidt is a senior from New Jersey studying Film & TV. She is a Wii bowling prodigy and is blocked on twitter by Drake Bell (Campana).

Got a big paper due next class? Need a quiet spot on campus where you can stare blankly at an open textbook all night undisturbed? Never fear! BU is home to many libraries where you can chug that Venti quadruple-shot and procrastinate in peace!

1. Mugar Library

From its boxy concrete exterior to its sweeping views of the concrete buildings next to it, Mugar is the perfect spot to let your eyes go dead and fixate on the window. They say that natural light helps you stay focused, productive, and happy. Lucky for you, Mugar’s dim artificial lighting will drain you of all motivation, so you can spend that 7 hours sweating alone just like you always wanted.

2. Law Library

While some use the Cafe Lounge on the 4th floor to pore over case files and enjoy the view of the Charles River, it’s also a great spot to study your ex’s new girlfriend’s Instagram. Is she skinnier than you? Does she make him happier than you did? Would he take you back if she were to mysteriously disappear? Yes, yes, and yes! Kill her* and get away with it because this entire library of law students is dying to represent you!

3. Wheelock School of Ed Library

What could be more motivational than being surrounded by future educators who are learning to mold and stimulate young minds…while you sit shaking at a scratched up table, on your fifth adderall, your glazed bloodshot eyes fixed on the broken clock on the wall because you haven’t slept for nine days and you don’t know how long you’ve been down here. Inspiring!

4. Theology Library

Located in the basement of the building identical to CAS, this is the ideal procrastination spot. You need a place for your soul to escape through your eyes with each sip of Redbull, and the Theology students need practice saving your soul! It’s a symbiotic relationship.

5. Boston Public Library

I lied about the BPL being on campus, because I’m not sure if BU actually has 5 libraries! Anyway, the BPL is literally magical. Want to see its best trick? Get out your books, open your laptop, and bam! The library is closing.

*Editor’s note: The Bunion does not condone murder. If you read this article and are considering murdering someone, remember, The Bunion says no.

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