1. Danny Phantom

The man who would be turning me on by going “ghost”. Yes, I would let him ghost me. He is versatile in his looks, and was rocking platinum hair before it was a thing guys in acapella groups did. (Yes, that is a call out) His breath is also always minty fresh, so it is like Five Gum, baby, stimulate your senses. (That is an oral joke but i am not sure it works so just enjoy it) 

  1. The Lorax

He is everything. He is environmentally conscious in a way that some fuckboy in a carhartt beanie who just drinks oat milk will never be. He also has a sweet pornstache while the boys of this era can’t even grow a few stray pubes upon their faces. It helps that he is voiced by arguably the sexiest 3D man alive, Danny Devito. The Lorax oozes sex appeal and if that’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right. 

  1. The Tiger That Would Treat Me Right From Zootopia

No explanation needed. 

  1. Uncle Iroh 

This is a man who has emotional maturity, a rockin bod, and can brew you tea anytime. I mean, cmon now!!!!!! He may have done some little baby war crimes but he was overall a good guy! 

  1. Captain Li Shang from Mulan 

First of all, Bisexual King. Second of all, those man titties. He is a feminist because he respected Mulan without it being because of her gender. He wanted to fuck her no matter, and I admire him for that.

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