As Boston University tries to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, the administration has been attempting drastic changes in order to meet its sustainability goals. In honor of Earth Day, BU announced it will no longer offer trash disposal services.

While this may come as a shock to some, to the BU Sustainability team, it was only the most logical step. 

“You see, 100% of our trash on campus comes from students and staff,” explained a BU Sustainability representative, “So by halting these disposal services we take away the incentive to produce trash.”

Students have already begun to speak out against this new decision. “This is so unfair. How do they expect me to get rid of my daily Digiorno boxes and bowl ash? It’s not like I know where a dumpster is” said Tony Highland (QST ‘24). 

However, the facilities staff are welcoming a change in the system. “Frankly, I’m glad there’s no more trash to be taken out. I’m tired of having to throw away crispy socks and empty dime bags in Warren Towers” said BU custodian Jani Tore.

Students within the dorms have started to protest this decision. Through a collective organized effort, students will not be dumping their trash into the Charles River (as was instructed by BU administration), but instead will be mailing their trash to President Brown’s house. Additionally, in a more aggressive display of dissatisfaction, students have turned Nickerson field into part landfill, part trash incinerator. 

At press time, BU administration has announced they will shut water access off from 7:00 a.m – 12:00 a.m. in order to further achieve sustainability goals.

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